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History of the company Erich Dieckmann GmbH
1870 – Formation of a company for manufacturing of brass hardware for furniture and doors through the brothers Gustav and Albert Kuhlmann in Gruene near Iserlohn – Germany.
1936 – Bankruptcy of the company Gustav and Albert Kuhlmann. Take over of the fabrication and the business premises with a total of 14 staff members by the Dortmunder trades man Erich Dieckmann.
1938 – Registration of the brand name “EDI” by the company Erich Dieckmann Archetectural hardware.
1939 – Change of manufacturing from brass alloy to aluminium alloy because begin of World War II.
1945 – Restart of manufacturing with now only door- and window hardware as well as handholds and gardrobes out of aluminium.
1949 – Transformation of the company into a KG (limited partnership)
1952 – First constructional enlargement of the fabrication and offices.
1954 – Foundation of the sister company “NORMBAU Erich Dieckmann GmbH” with registered office in Kehl (later Renchen) through Erich Dieckmann and his son Dieter Dieckmann. (This business was sold by Dieter Dieckmann in 1991 to the british company “Newman Tonks” – today “Ingersol-Rand”).
1962 – Transformation of the company Erich Dieckmann KG into a limited liability company.
1968 – Son Rudolf Dieckmann enters the company as a second executive.
1968 – Absorption of the neighbour company OVENTROP. Integration of the plant and the assortment (shelves for stores) into the company Erich Dieckmann.
1970 – Building of an another production hall at the headquarters.
1971 – Erich Dieckmann leaves the management of the company. Rudolf Dieckmann becomes exclusive manager.
From 1972 – Successful installation of a new assortment for building centers and hardware stores.
1977 – Buillding of another expansion hall.
1982 – Construction of factory II also in Iserlohn/Gruene – Germany.
1982 – Shareholding of the french company “FFA-Le Fer Forge d’Alsace”. (Sale of the share in 1997).
1992 – Further expansion buildings at factory II.
1996 – After retirement of Rudolf Dieckmann his son Rainer Dieckmann takes over the management of the company.
From 1997 – Exports to West- and East Europe, Asia und Africa gain growing importance for the company.
2003 – Buying of company MAWEX GmbH in Neustadt/Hesse – Germany.