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More than 70 years within the locksmith´ s industry, it has given us a wide knowledge in locking systems. Within the locking systems for doors, we are specialized in locks for aluminium frames, metalwork and emergency exit doors.
The guarantee of our products, updated to the European Certification, beside flexibility of our design and production processes, enable a complete and customized service in order to fulfill our customer requirements.
On the other hand, within our innovation policy and by means of the cooperation with technological centres, we are developing innovative solutions with more value added for our customers.
Another distinguishing characteristic of CVL is our participation model. Our management is based on teamwork and it encourages product and process improvement, the development of innovative designs and the involvement of all the staff within the CVL project. This policy makes us improve and fulfill the customer needs.
We are developing a new international strategy, widening our commercial network all over the world.